I’d like to start a video series of discussions with people who are living with HIV/AIDS, to provide some insight into their daily lives and discuss how it has affected them. I think that a human connection is powerful in breaking down walls and stereotypes, and hearing a person’s story is a great start. It can also be inspirational to those who have just learned of their status, and need to hear the story of someone else to realize they’re not alone.

If you have a webcam and would be interested in recording a video with me, please let me know. There are no rules or scripting to it, I just want to hear your story and share it with my readers. Below is a video from me to give you an idea of who you’ll be talking with.

I am also interested in doing other videos, unrelated to HIV/AIDS. So if you’d like to participate in a video in general, please also let me know.

secrets [at] nathanexposed [dot] com

This video is about as exciting as oatmeal, but I wanted to provide a “Welcome” video for the people who read my blog. In fact, I wish everybody provided a video like this, so maybe I’ll start a new trend on blogs.

The video below is just a very brief run-down of who I am. Oh, and I lied about my age. I’m actually 25. But I’ll be 26 in a month, so I figured I should say that I’m 26 so this video isn’t immediately outdated.

Petey learns a new command

May 5, 2007 / Filed in Videos / 8 Comments

I had been working to teach Petey how to lay down on command, but he was having a hard time. He already knew how to jump up and sit. But I finally taught him to lay and I put it on video.

This made us very happy. 🙂

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