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Questions About Anal Douche

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Let’s talk about cleaning your pooper shooter.

There is this anal douche with a glow-in-the-dark tip. That sounds kind of fun and cool at first. Oh, wee! It’s glows! But then if you stop and think about it… Well, it’s kind of confusing.

I’m assuming you douche in the bathroom, preferably while sitting on the toilet. Would anyone out there care to confirm or deny this?

Okay, so if you’re dealing with that level of messiness, I’m assuming you’d want as much lighting as possible to make sure there is no splashage. Am I wrong?

Sooo… In what situation would you be relying on the subtle green light of a douche tip to guide the way to your chocolate starfish? It sounds scary and messy, and sends a germophobe like me into seizures.

I’ve been polling friends and having intellectual brainstorming sessions in hopes of discovering a scientific (or even theoretic) reason for such a feature. Nobody has the answer.

Perhaps I should contact the manufacturer directly and schedule an in-depth phone interview to find out exactly why the tip glows. Don’t even think about stealing my idea. It will be a Nathan Exposed Exclusive. It’s already copyrighted. Boo-yah!

Conservative groups are passionately against abortion, yet they refuse to educate young women about sex.

It’s a very curious trend. When females are raised in a conservative environment where abstinence is considered their only option, the rate of pregnancies goes up, as well as the rate of abortions. So for all the preaching and judging parents do, they are actually failing to give these young girls the education they need to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

So exactly what kind of numbers are we talking about it here? According to a recent report, 2 million unplanned pregnancies and 800,000 abortions can be prevented with public funding each year! So how much does that save in taxpayer dollars? Well, for every $1 spent on these programs to prevent the pregnancies, you would have to spend $4 to support the pregnancy or abortion. It’s cheaper (and better) to prevent the pregnancies from ever happening.

If you’re truly “pro-life”, you should support President Obama’s plans for this. It was initially shot down by Republicans, and Obama dropped the topic since he was more concerned about other details of the stimulus package. But this issue is already rearing its head again, and Obama’s next focus is on healthcare, where this subject will undoubtedly come up. Unsurprisingly, Republicans are crying foul, saying it’s “immoral” to provide contraceptives, claiming it promotes a promiscuous lifestyle.

Paaa-leeease. Who do they think they’re kidding? Teens are going to have sex. I know it’s difficult to think of your little princess engaging in sexual activity, but it’s just part of life. Abstinence-only programs rarely work out. The statistics overwhelmingly show that teens will lose their virginity before they are 18, and many are 16 or younger. And I don’t see sex going out of style any time soon.

It’s better to face this issue honestly and boldly, and we can actually prevent a significant number of unplanned pregnancies. If you really want to prevent abortions, you should favor the distribution of condoms and safe sex education.

A friend e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that he’d walked in to find his husband in the tub, pulling on the skin of his dick. His husband explained, “Just like Nathan told me to.”

Yes, it’s true. I’ve started a new trend.

What he was doing was working on restoring his foreskin. I’d instructed him that just pulling the skin forward as far as it will go on a daily basis will help encourage new skin cells to multiply. This process helps create a faux foreskin for men who have been circumcised.

I started doing it last fall, and so far I have about 60% coverage on my penis. If I wanted to cheat, I could say I now have 100% coverage. I can pull the skin completely forward and cover my entire penis head. So for what it’s worth, I now experience the feeling of having a foreskin.

However, I don’t consider it 100% since I have to pull to achieve that effect. If I just let the skin hang naturally, it is 60%, covering more than half the head.

Be gentle when you do it, and listen to your body. If you feel pain, stop. Be sure to not damage any nerves or burst any veins. Slow and steady has given me great results.

Penis Envy

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It’s been a little over 2 months since I started restoring my foreskin, and the journey has turned out to be surprisingly intense both emotionally and physically.

When I first started the process, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been thinking about restoring my foreskin since 2000. I don’t know what was stopping me, other than fear of the unknown. What if I didn’t like it? What if it was unhygienic? There were many questions I had.

I finally decided to start the process at the end of September. I started a very simple daily routine of pulling the loose skin of my penis outward as far as it would go over the head. Within just a few weeks, I noticed the skin seemed to be a bit longer. It was working, and I was pretty happy about it!

Physical Results

By the end of October, I began to really notice a difference in the skin. I could feel it moving up and down during sexual activity, and the feeling was quite nice. Let’s be honest here — sexual pleasure was my only motivation for doing this. Uncircumcised penises have much more intense sensations during sex.

As November progressed, I had enough skin to completely cover the head by pulling it forward. Since my frenulum had been snipped when I was circumcised, there was nothing to hold it up, so it rolled back down after I let go. When I had an erection, I couldn’t completely cover the head, but I could pull it up far enough to cover most of it. That is a very exciting feeling.

The day before Thanksgiving, I had another happy surprise. I felt something odd in my pants, and thought my underwear had bunched up. But when I looked down, I realized that for the first time, the skin had rolled up over most of my penis on its own. It felt so comfortable, being protected by my own skin. That was a good day.

Emotional Results

I didn’t expect to have any emotional changes during this, but I have. Some psychologists believe that the act of circumcising a baby traumatizes him for life. Just think about it… as a newborn baby, one of our first experiences in this world is being held down on a table, fully awake and aware, and having the skin of our penis mutilated. What world do we live in that this kind of action is acceptable?

Restoring my foreskin has somehow made me feel complete in a way I didn’t even know was missing. I know women would probably roll their eyes at this, as they already think we men are obsessed with their penis. There’s probably some truth to that too, but the penis really is the symbol of a man’s sexual identity. When it has been cut up the way foreskins are, how could we not feel like lesser men?

I feel like I’m the way I was meant to be… the way I was born. It’s even made me feel confident in other aspects of my life, although I can’t explain why. Just knowing that it’s being restored makes me feel better.

The Future

I still have a journey ahead of me, as it will be awhile before I finally have enough skin to actually cover the head all the time. Without a frenulum, you have to grow enough skin for it to roll over the head on its own. The weight and length of the extra skin keeps it covered. But I’ve made great process in a short period of time and I am happy to keep going forward.

I’ve also bought a product that helps protect your penis in the way a real foreskin does. Since it doesn’t stay covered all the time on its own, this product simulates what a foreskin would do by keeping it covered and protecting it from friction. I’ve only been using it a few days, so I’m not ready to provide a review yet. But if I like it, I will tell more about it.


I never knew I’d have a sort of sexual re-awakening as an adult. This process has been as unique as the one we have as young boys when we first start puberty and realize the pleasures our penis can bring. Now as an adult, I’m able to feel the things the penis was meant to feel. Throughout this process, some of you have spoken up and said you were curious to try this for yourself. The best advice I can give is DO IT! You just have no idea what was taken away from you when that doctor mutilated you. Thankfully you can get some of it back.

Foreskin 2.0

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I am on a journey of regrowth.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m in the process of restoring my foreskin. I started about 6 weeks ago and have made great process with very little effort each day.

Some of you have asked exactly how this works, and I’ll do my best to explain. I’m basically taking the excess skin I have on my penis and pulling it forward (comfortably and without pain). I do it a few times each day. This expands the tissue. When you stretch out the tissue on the penis, it stimulates mitosis, which is the splitting of cells. When the cells split, you generate more cells. Over time, this means you’ll have more skin, until finally you have enough to cover the head of your penis.

It’s going to be awhile before my foreskin is fully restored. But I already have enough skin to pull it up over the head of my penis. I can’t tell you how excited I was the first day I realized I could do this! Once you experience the feeling, you will never be able to understand why anyone would want to be cut.

Some of you have commented and said you have thought about restoring your foreskin, but were afraid you didn’t have the patience.

Here’s my take on that – you’re going to be around every day, regardless. You might as well take a few minutes a few times per day and work on pulling the tissue forward. If it works, you’ll have a great new foreskin to enjoy. And if it doesn’t work… well… any activity with your penis is time well spent.

Circumcision = Mutilation

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This is part two of my discussion on foreskin. You can read the first post here, which covers the topic of restoring the foreskin.

I’ve found over the years that foreskin can be a controversial topic no matter who you ask – men, women, gay, straight. I do find that gay men in general are more accepting of it, perhaps because foreskin is considered a fetish in our community. Even with that being said, I’ve come across many gay men who won’t go anywhere near a foreskin.

I was surprised to find that it’s a topic almost as sensitive as religion or politics. When you find someone who dislikes foreskins, he or she will go off on a very passionate speech about how disgusting foreskins are and how they should be cut right off as soon as a baby boy enters the world. I even remember an episode of Sex and the City where a man with a foreskin was part of the storyline. The women responded with offense, wanting nothing to do with the situation.

I could say a lot about how all the myths of foreskins are untrue. I could go into great detail about how foreskins allow men to experience more pleasure, more sensitivity, and overall more satisfaction with their penis and their sex life. I could even point out the numerous statistics of men whose penises have been permanently damaged by having their foreskins cut off. Ugly scarring, dried up skin on the head of the penis, decreased sensitivity and problems achieving orgasm because of lost sensation. Need I even mention the men who had too much skin cut off, and erections are painful as a result?

Regardless of whether or not you like foreskins, there is one thing I hope all people can agree on— every man deserves to make a decision about his foreskin when he is an adult. Our current practice of lopping off the body part of a newborn child is insane. I think the person who is going to be attached to the penis for the rest of his life should be the one to make that choice. If he decides he’d like to be circumcised, I think that’s just fine. That’s his choice to make.

Grow Your Own Foreskin

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I have a lot to say about this topic and this is just the beginning.

When I was born, my parents had me circumcised, and I resent their decision. It’s my body, and I should have been given the choice myself.

In 2000, I first heard about the concept of foreskin restoration. There are dozens of ways to accomplish it, but the end result is the same — you can regrow your own foreskin without surgery.

If you’re lucky, your circumcised penis still has a bit of the foreskin left to pull on. This allows it to stretch and expand when you have erections. This loose skin can be pulled forward easily and without pain. I think of it as a stretching exercise.

When you stretch the skin out, you expand the skin cells. New cells have to recoup and fill up the stretched space. By doing this continuously over time, more skin is grown until you finally have enough to cover your penis. (I hope I explained that correctly. This is my understanding of it anyway.)

I have considered restoring my foreskin many times over the past 8 years. The main reason I wimped out was because I was afraid of all the myths I’d heard, like that foreskin is smelly and hard to keep clean. The logical part of me knows that’s not true. If you don’t clean your armpits, they stink. If you don’t clean your foreskin, it stinks too. But you wouldn’t cut out your armpits just because you had to keep them clean, now would you?

I finally decided to get serious about this process at the beginning of October. I started gently pulling the skin outward as far as I could without hurting myself. I did it a few times a day. 2 weeks later (last Friday) was the first time I really started noticing results because there was more loose skin on my penis. It wasn’t anything dramatic, but I know my penis pretty well. There was definitely more skin and the outer layer was stretchier.

People say that the stretching method (often referred to as “tugging”) can take years. But that’s okay, I’m still going to be around, so I might as well grow a foreskin while I’m at it.

I must admit the results are very exciting! I noticed today that the skin is even more stretchy, and I can pull it out further without any pain. The proof is real, I’m restoring my foreskin!

There are also products you can buy that apply continuous weight on the skin throughout the day. All of them work, and most of them have forums filled with success stories and photos of satisfied customers.

When I have enough skin, I may consider buying one of them to help me along. Right now, I actually really enjoy stretching the skin myself. It’s clearly working since I have noticed results in just a few weeks.

I will continue to report my progress on this. I realize photos of the progress would be helpful, but I don’t feel comfortable posting nude pics.

If you’re interesting in restoring your foreskin too, I recommend doing your research first. It’s important to do the process correctly and be gentle about it. If you pull too hard, you can damage the nerves.

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This article really got me fired up… and not in a good way.

A new study claims that circumcision possibly reduces the risk of HIV for heterosexual men, but not homosexual men. I’ve been hearing different variations of this claim for years… they all have the same point – getting your foreskin cut off gives you a “get out of jail free” card. Some of the studies focus on men in general, others try to limit it to just gay men.

While I do think it’s beneficial to research all realms of HIV prevention, I feel as though these articles give a very false sense of security to heterosexual men. Some people are just that gullible. If they are circumcised, they think they can go stick their dick in any woman they want without consequence.

It just doesn’t work that way. We should not be using foreskins (or lack thereof) as a substitute for safe sex. It’s careless and risky, and you’re really gambling with your life and your partner’s life when you do that.

There are plenty of men, gay, straight or other, who are circumcised and still contracted HIV through unprotected intercourse. Instead of worrying what the odds are, why not just slip a condom on and at least show an effort, hmmm?

A healthy sex drive

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Some random facts about sex:

– Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice each day increases blood flow and helps prevent prostate cancer. In addition, studies have shown that men who started drinking a glass of it each day has more frequent, harder erections. It also helps reverse erectile dysfunction. Bottom line: drink your pomegranate juice! There are many rewards to it. (Sidenote: If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it can actually be a sign that your blood flow is blocked, which could mean more serious problems with your heart. Get it checked out!)

– A 50mg tablet of Zinc taken each day helps keep your immune system healthy to fight off a cold or flu. My friend Lewis recommended it to me last winter, and I haven’t been sick since! But as a bonus side effect, it can also make you produce more semen. 😉

– Americans have the least frequent amount of sex. The average couple has sex 85 times per year, while people in Europe have it around 105 times per year… that’s twice a week, every week!

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