Secrets Exposed #3

Nov 26, 2005 / Filed in Secrets / 2 Comments

This secret was submitted by “Marcus” (reprinted with permission):

I have only ‘come out from the closet’ to some friends but no one knows what I’m about to tell you.

One Saturday I was in the apartment of a guy I met on the internet. I was very nervous (I was a virgin). We had coffee and started talking about stuff (nothing interesting) and then things started to heat up… we talked about our fantasies and if I had already decided which “role” I was going to ‘play’. I told him that I hadn’t decided it yet but I thought maybe I would like to be passive.

We talked about other things and then he got his white shirt off. His body was just a little hot but not really exciting at all. He walked to the bathroom and got all his clothes off, including that little thong on his wonderful ass. He left the door open, I was just sitting on his sofa while thinking what was I supposed to do.

I could go back home or I could go in there and take a shower with him. While the water was flowing I made my decision. I entered the bathroom, he said “I didn’t think you were going to get your butt in here”.

I just gave a little laugh. I was nude and excited. We were completely wet, he kissed me ALL OVER MY BODY. It was wonderful. He started licking my penis. That was amazing. Then he took me to his bedroom.

We were still wet (and I had a rock hard erection), I was really cold. Then I sat on his bed, he was looking for something in his wardrobe, and then he shouted “I finally found it!” It was a white jock, he told me to try it on. It was a little tight but it still felt amazing.

We did exactly what you think we did.

But the sad thing: HE JUST LASTED TWO MINUTES and in an erect state his penis wasn’t larger than 4 inches. Then I asked him if I could ‘get in the hole’, he agreed. I took the jock off and then I fucked him. I have to admit it was difficult at first but after some time I found it to be very easy.

We got dressed, and said goodbye. That was all. I never talked to him again, it was amazing but it was just sex without compromise. I sometime feel guilty or stupid. I don’t know, I always try to forget it happened. It’s a part of my past that ‘never happened’.

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Secrets Exposed #2

Nov 18, 2005 / Filed in Secrets / 4 Comments

This secret was submitted by “Isaac” (reprinted with permission):

My secret is that I have a HUGE crush on another blogger. I think about him a lot more than I should considering I am currently seeing someone. But my relationship is at a fragile junction, and I can’t help but fantasize about this other man.

Blogger crushes are the worst.

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Secrets Exposed #1

Nov 18, 2005 / Filed in Secrets / 2 Comments

This secret was submitted by “Paul” (reprinted with permission):

I am in a similar relationship to the one you were in prior to the one you are in now. It is crazy. I stay in it out of convenience. We have fun together…I adore him and would never want to hurt him. I care for him dearly and it is so screwy. I keep hoping that in time I will feel as strongly for him as he does for me. I mean, it is NOT the worst relationship ever and he has MANY good qualities that I love about him.

I will admit that I was monogamous for the first year and a half but I was miserable. It shouldn’t be all about the sex and it isn’t. He is…well he is a “man” so to speak. Very selfish in bed. No romance. No passion. No foreplay. He wants to “fuck my ass” and then I jerk off and he goes to sleep. Or he wants me to jerk off WHILE he fucks my ass. I got soooo bored with that that I finally told him either change or I will cheat.

He changed for a few weeks. He doesn’t suck. He hates to rim. He doesn’t like to be fucked (but gives in some) and if he finally lets me he whines the entire time that it hurts and “Are you done yet?”

THAT is a real turn on let me tell ya! So…why did I stay with him? He makes me laugh. He is fun. I enjoy his company. I really thought I could deal with the sex issues.

Yes…I cheat and honestly a part of me really doesn’t care if he catches me and then maybe he would just leave…I know…that is bad.

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