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I’ve written 2 different posts for today, but decided not to publish either.

Any suggestions on something you’d like to hear about?

I enjoyed this segment so much that I’m doing another one.

JJD asked: “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.. and yet, the truth will set you free. How do you reconcile these two opposing adages in your own life?”

Great question. I generally prefer to not say anything at all. I like to weigh out the situation. If the truth is going to hurt someone, I have to ask myself how much it’s really worth. Will it damage the relationship forever? If so, why risk it? I don’t like taking risks when emotions are at stake.

These rules all disappear if I am hurt, angry, or personally offended. That’s when I choose to let the truth set me free. I don’t like to keep things bottled up, so I can be scathing at times. That’s when the truth really hurts.

Readers – what are your thoughts on this? Which path do you usually choose?

Also, I’m still open to more questions 🙂

Update: Hmmm…I think this was taken out of context. Some of the comments have made me question how this post was perceived. I think I was even being called a liar, but I’m not sure.

As a general rule, I prefer the phrase “If you can’t say something nice…” because it avoids silly conflicts in our daily lives. That doesn’t mean I lie. It also doesn’t mean I’m going to withhold the truth in a serious matter.

If it’s something serious, then yes I’m going to say something. But I thought this was a light-hearted question, not a serious one.

Earlier today, I asked readers to list topics they would like me to discuss. I decided to go with Sunshine’s suggestion. He asked:

“What are some of the things you want to do in your life time that you haven’t done yet?”

I know it’s a simple one, but it really forced me to dig deep. Thanks Sunshine.

I think something I would really like to do is take Rodney on a surprise vacation to Paris and completely spoil him for a week. I would be at my romantic best – dining in candle-lit restaurants, dancing in the moonlight, telling him how much he means to me under the stars. Roses and champagne, kisses and little handwritten love notes… Anything to remind him of how much I love him.

Ah, this was fun. We should do it again. Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I’m still open for next time, so feel free to recommend some more! Thanks.

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