Flashback to DNC 2008

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I’ve really enjoyed the coverage of DNC 2012 and it made me also want to revisit the speeches from DNC 2008. I found them on YouTube, although the quality isn’t that great since apparently 4 years ago we just had dial-up. But I wanted to share them for anyone else who wants to revisit them too. You can view the videos below:

Barack Obama’s 2008 DNC Speech

Joe Biden’s 2008 DNC Speech

Bill Clinton’s 2008 DNC Speech

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 DNC Speech

Ted Kennedy’s 2008 DNC Speech

Why Don’t You Get a Job?

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I thought finding a job was my own responsibility. Was I wrong?

Thousands of unemployed Americans are angry. I get it. Being unemployed sucks. I’ve been unemployed before and I know that gut wrenching fear of not being able to make it through the month.

But I guess I’m confused when unemployed voters show up to an Obama rally and ask, “Hey Mr. President, when are you going to give me a job?”

Ummm… What? I wasn’t aware that it was the President’s responsibility to give everyone a job. Meanwhile, crazy pants Michele Bachmann is riding the Tea Party Express around America, promising her minions of dumbass supporters that she’s going to give them jobs. Ummm… How?

Finding a job is hard work. It’s not supposed to be easy. And the job market seems to be shrinking, which means you really have to be good at what you do in order to beat out your competition. But isn’t that just survival of the fittest?

I don’t know, maybe I just see the world differently. I don’t think we should expect a President to give us all jobs. Expect him to improve conditions? Sure, I’m all on board with that. But as for actually handing me a job on a platter, that’s never happened… And why should it? If getting a job were as easy as just asking for it, there would be nothing to work for.

The Danger of Politics

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This past week, we saw the tragic, bloody consequences of politics.

I’m sad about the recent shootings in Arizona. I’m sad that the attack was politically motivated. And I’m also sad to hear that part of the controversy was the debate over immigration.

Since 2006, I’ve been preaching on my blog that we’re creating a very dangerous political climate about immigration. I strongly believe that racism is the underlying topic. The only positive thing I can say is that thankfully the Democrats have attempted to put together a program that helps improve the system. It didn’t receive enough votes to move forward with, but at least some efforts are being made to make some changes.

The argument is not whether or not illegal immigration is okay. Duh, of course it’s not okay. So let’s stop going round and round in circles about that.

We need solutions. We need an overhaul to the citizenship process because our current one isn’t working. So instead of pumping billions of tax payer dollars into building gigantic walls around our country, let’s invest money in smarter, more effective methods for providing legal status in our country, which will in turn decrease the amount of illegal citizens.

Most importantly, let’s do it without so much anger and hate. The tragedy from this past week was senseless violence. The tone of politics needs to change to a more positive, hopeful one.

Here are two past articles I wrote, which I think are worth reading:

When Did We Stop Being Immigrants? (2008)

You Shouldn’t Stab People in the Eye (2010)

Gay Republicans?

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Gay + Republicans. It’s like peanut butter and asparagus. Not an appealing combination.

I’m gay and I don’t like Republicans. (GASP!) Yeah, I know. It’s pretty shocking. Take a moment to collect yourself and pick your jaw up off the floor.

I truly am a democrat. Not because it’s the cool thing to be, but because I believe in them. I spend a great deal of time following politics, gathering the facts, and drawing my own educated conclusions. My general mindset is in alignment with what their party stands for.

But over the past month, there have been whispers… Rumors… News reports that the Republican party is about to make a dramatic shift in 2012 to support gay marriage.

Why now?

The Republican party needs fresh blood. The 2008 elections proved that Americans are tired of crusty old white men pushing the same tired politics day in and day out. There are still a lot of crazy-ass, conservative crackheads in the Republican party. But they are gravitating toward this stupid tea bagger business. I think they will eventually just cannibalize each other and die off. I actually think this insane tea party movement is a good thing. They are going to trap themselves in their own minority, which will open up opportunities for stronger, more level-headed candidates to run for office.

As older voters die, younger voters take over and start to shape the future. We’re talking about a new generation of voters. Regardless of their political affiliation, young voters simply don’t have a problem with gay people. It’s part of their culture, their music, their television. Young voters have been around openly gay people for as long as they can remember and that’s fine with them.

So how did the gay community get mixed up in this?

The underlying belief system of Republicans has been that the government should not dictate people. I’ve heard them preach and preach about this, especially when it comes to taxes. It was also a big debate when universal healthcare came up. Republicans didn’t want to insure Americans, but they did want to give them a tax break.

In a strange way, it actually makes sense for Republicans to support gay marriage. It aligns with their belief in not letting the government interfere. I’m borrowing a bit of this philosophy from other articles I’ve read, but I’m starting to see the point.

If the Republicans wanted to make a radical shift, gay marriage would be the way to go. It would appeal to younger voters and make the party look more progressive. Conservatives would throw a fit, but who cares because it would just alienate them deeper into the tea party with nut cases like Sarah Palin. So at the end of the day, you’d have forward-thinking Republicans battling the Democrats, who are not looking so hot these days.

I do love my democrats. But they have been slow. Too slow. And it’s hurting them. Change is coming, but not quickly enough. Calm and calculated is a smart tactic, and I applaud them for being wise with their decisions. But they need some sparkle for the naysayers and the swing voters. They need something, anything to win over the people who are always on the fence.

Would you support the Republicans if they pushed for gay marriage?

In 2004, we were the wedge issue that helped re-elect Bush into office. If these rumors are true and the Republican party does start to open up more to equality for gay people, we will undoubtedly be a wedge issue once again in 2012. This time around, will we be a wedge for the other team?

I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I believe in the Democrats and can’t imagine voting for a Republican. That’s how passionate I am about the party. But if the Republicans pushed this agenda and the Democrats failed to step up, it would certainly be a tough call. Would I give up everything else I believe in just for equality as a gay man? And if I did, would I undoubtedly be let down when the elected official didn’t live up to their campaign promises?

What would you do?

The healthcare debate is huge right now, and quite frankly, giving me a massive headache. In a funny kind of way, it reminds me of the gay marriage debate.

So often it seems people ask straight people what they think of gay marriage. I don’t care what straight people think of gay marriage because it doesn’t apply to them. Nobody ever stopped to ask me what I thought of straight people getting married, now did they?

On the topic of healthcare, it seems the people who are against it are ones with a nice coverage package through their employers. Gee, how convenient. Nobody asks someone who it actually affects. I’m a perfect example. I’m self employed, I used to pay for my health coverage out of pocket, and I finally just decided to let it go because the price was so high. I take a gamble with my health every day, but that’s just the way it is here in America.

I also love, love, love the people who pin this on the Democrats. Hey, in case you hadn’t noticed, we have a Democrat for President. Healthcare was a major discussion during his entire campaign and he outlined his goals over and over again. Don’t act so shocked.

John McCain just wanted to give people a tax credit, as if that would have solved anything.

The fact remains that our healthcare system is downright embarrassing. Insurance companies encourage their staff to deny claims. It’s a twisted monopoly in which making a profit is more important than helping someone who is sick. We’ve completely lost touch with the point, and I find it sad that some of the poorest countries in the world offer better coverage than we do.

Where else would you walk into an emergency room and be denied service because you didn’t have insurance?

The state that divides the East and the West is quickly becoming a symbol of progress.

Rodney and I both grew up in the state of Illinois, but never thought of it as progressive. Sure, it’s a blue state, but it’s nothing like the city of Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S. As soon as you leave the city limits, all you have is a very long, flat, and pretty boring state. Like other Midwestern states, it’s also fairly conservative.

But in the past week, Illinois has quietly put the wheels into motion for civil unions and legalized medical marijuana. Surprisingly there hasn’t been a lot of outcry from conservatives… at least not yet.

Starting with civil unions…

On March 5, the Illinois House passed a bill for civil unions by a vote of 5-4, which would give domestic partners access to 648 different state laws that only married couples currently get to enjoy. Now that the bill has passed, it will be moved to a full House vote on the floor.

The name of the bill is The Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act. I thought this was very clever because it seems to focus on the separation of church and state… a real slap in the face to conservatives who try to force their religious beliefs into state laws.

Medical marijuana…

On March 4, the Illinois House approved a measure for medical marijuana by a vote of 4-3. Just like the civil unions, this will also now be left to the full House vote before it can take effect.

If passed, people would be allowed to keep up to 7 dried cannabis plants and/or up to 2 ounces of usable marijuana in their home… only after receiving approval from a doctor, of course.

Breaking new ground…

If these pass, it could mean big things for the state of Illinois. Our country needs to loosen up and stop banning everything. These things are already legal in many foreign countries. But if a Midwest state located right in the middle of the country followed this trend, it could open doors all over the rest of the U.S.

We will see what happens. I think the civil unions may actually make it, but I have my doubts about the medical marijuana passing just yet.

Obama Poll Results

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Thanks to everyone who participated in my recent poll about President Obama.

The results to date are:

50% of my readers think positively of him and your opinion has not changed either way since he took office.

42% think more positively of him now, indicating that your support for him has increased in the past week.

6% feel negative about him, and this has not changed either way since he took office.

3% feel more negative now, indicating you’ve been disappointed since he became President.

Voting is still open, so feel free to participate. You can also share your thoughts in the comments.

It’s been one week since our newly elected President Obama was sworn into office.

[poll id=”3″]

Bush’s Crazy Spree

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If history has taught us anything, when Bush opens his mouth, you can expect to hear something crazy.

For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I really thought he was going to spend the last month of his term quietly, as he did during the elections. Hasn’t the guy done enough damage?

Today he said that “there can be no debate about the results in keeping America safe” post 9/11.


Okay, yes, I do agree that there have not been any terrorist attacks since 9/11. But saying that kind of makes it sound like we get attacked every day, which we don’t.

And who was in charge on 9/11? Oh yeah, he was.

So were the victims of 9/11 just test dummies? There are mountains of evidence that show he was forewarned of the attacks before they happened.

And speaking of “safe”, how exactly would you classify the response time on getting help to Hurricane Katrina victims?

Reporters and volunteer rescue teams were on the scene immediately. What the hell took him so long?

I really don’t like writing posts that are bitter and infused with negativity, but we’re talking about human lives here. I understand that sometimes humans make mistakes, and a President is human, just like anyone else.

But this guy has consistently made poor decisions and displayed bad judgement while running this country.

Bush has started some weird campaign where he’s trying to go around the world to convince everyone that he’s really a good guy.

That’s kind of rubbing salt on barely healed wounds, don’t you think?

A Shoe to the Head

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Throwing a shoe at George W. Bush doesn’t even begin to make up for all the damage he’s done as our President…

But it sure is a good start. I can’t get enough of this video! If you haven’t heard, an Iraqi journalist threw both of his shoes at Bush today, missing his head by just a few inches.

Photo from The Huffington Post

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