It’s that time of year again. My favorite holiday is near!

To really get in the spirit, I’ve started a separate blog where I scour the internet for my favorite costumes and post photos and links where they can be found online. I also try to find the best price, although I’m sure that will be more challenging as October 31st gets closer.

Please check it out, subscribe to the news feed, “Like” it on Facebook, “Circle” it on Google+, you know the drill. And if you find any costumes you like online, by all means please share the link with me! Happy haunting!

Halloween Hijinks

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My favorite holiday has come and gone!

The fun started on Friday when we had a Halloween party. Daniel was a vampire and I was a mummy. After 2 hours of being wrapped in fabric and covered in make-up to make me look dirty and rotting, it took exactly 5 minutes for the fabric to come undone! I was just walking around the house with a few strands hanging from one ankle, it was a moment straight out of a sitcom! Daniel had to re-wrap me again while our guests started arriving. They waited patiently in the dining room for nearly an hour.

I finally made my entrance, wrapped up extra tight and barely able to move, much less sit down! It was a lot of fun though. I think malfunctions at a party help make it funny and memorable.

For our Saturday celebrating, I opted to go as a hippie instead. Well, I was supposed to be a hippie. But instead, I was told that I looked like a ’70s porn star, ha ha! Hey, whatever works. I was just happy to have a comfortable costume that I could move in. We went to a Rocky Horror screening party, then proceeded to the bar and club to get our groove on.

Earlier in the week, we had taken some test photos for Daniel’s costume. I love how they turned out, so I wanted to post one. Apparently this really disturbed some of Daniel’s friends. It’s just pretend. 🙂

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Well, shucks, it didn’t work out…

I was planning on dressing up as Kathy Griffin for Halloween. I was so excited about it. I had a red wig and make-up and planned on wearing all black like she does during her routines. I even got blue contacts, but I just couldn’t pull it off. As pale as I am, my features are still too dark to be her. I just looked like a bad drag queen with a red wig on.

But I’m excited to say that I plan to to wear my pimp outfit that I wore in 2005 at The Ellen Degeneres Show. I think it will be fun. Now who wants to be Pimp Daddy Nathan’s bitches for Halloween? Any volunteers?

Halloween is less than 2 weeks away and I need a costume.

I hadn’t planned on dressing up, but I guess I am now. I am so bad at coming up with ideas for costumes too.

My thoughts so far:

– Something mysterious that hides my identity, but isn’t necessarily scary
– Something dark, and perhaps gothic (not a vampire though)
– A mask comes to mind, but nothing heavy

Eh, that’s all I have so far.

Oh, wait! What if I dressed up like a balloon made of foil? Hmmm…

No, lame.

I don’t know. Thoughts, ideas? You can tell me what you’re dressing as since chances are we won’t be at the same party. 🙂

Can we all just agree that grown men dressed as babies should be banned? No exceptions, I don’t care how hot the guy is… It is just plain creepy. What costumes do you think should be banned?

Photos found at Dude Flesh

Pumpkin for Hope

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Today I carved our pumpkin, a tradition Rodney have had every Halloween since we got together in 2001. But this year, rather than the traditional jack-o-lantern, I downloaded an Obama stencil from Yes We Carve. What do you think?

I’m completely fascinated by this guy’s collection of out-of-print Disney movies, not to mention the fierce Shirley Temple marathon going on near the bottom row.

Last Saturday, I was looking for Halloween costumes online. I don’t know why. They’re all the same. Every year I think about buying a Halloween costume, but don’t. They just look so unimaginative. Gee, look at me, I plunked down $50 for a costume that 10 other people will also have on.

I finally got bored with the results and decided to search for gay Halloween costumes. I don’t know what I expected to find. Judy Garland?

To my surprise, Dan came up in the first few results. I clicked the link, which was silly, because I was around when he wrote it back in 2005. But I did it anyway, thinking to myself “I hope he doesn’t notice I clicked that”.

Well, you know what? He did. I was caught pink red handed.

Anyway this is the costume I had my eye on. I know I would never actually buy it though. I don’t have the abs for it. Or the arms. Or the tan. But my legs and feet are okay. You guys like those, right?

One Halloween, when I was a little boy, I remember walking up to a house that had a scarecrow sitting on a stack of hay. He looked like a natural part of the decorations, blending in with the spider webs, pumpkins, and such.

As I stepped up onto the porch, the Scarecrow jumped at me, instilling fear in poor little Nathan that I have never forgotten. I probably never will!

I am almost certain at least one of you has a similar story. It’s mean, it’s awful, it scars children for life. I was always afraid to go trick or treating after that night.

…Which is exactly why I must do it to young children now that I’m an adult.

Should I do it? Would it be evil? Wickedly cruel? I’m thinking about it. Just imagine being the mean man who brought fear to children the rest of their lives on Halloween.

There is a perfect corner on our porch… they’d never even see me until… BOO!


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Putting all his negative traits aside, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video is still a classic. I’d forgotten how much I love this. Damn, the 80’s were good.

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