Today I was featured in a guest post on Tally’s blog to discuss the after effects of circumcision. In this very open and honest discussion, I describe examples of how men gradually lose sensation in their penis, sometimes not even realizing it, and then give advice on how to regain sensitivity during foreskin restoration. I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s a sample:

    The vast majority of men who are restoring their foreskin cite “lack of sensation” as their main reason for restoring. I’d like to share some of my own story to regain the sensitivity that was lost due to being circumcised as an infant.

    If you have ever been having intercourse or receiving oral sex from your partner and it did not feel quite the way you thought it should, it may be due to a loss of sensation on your glans (the “head” of your penis). Many circumcised men suffer from this and don’t even realize what’s causing it. In fact, men’s health forums are usually filled with posts about this problem.

    They ask, “Why don’t I feel anything during sex?” or “Why can’t I tell if I’m inside my partner?”

    I knew I had a problem with lack of penile sensitivity as young as 16 years old. By my mid-20s, I would estimate that I’d lost up to 80% of the feeling on my glans. (Although there’s no way to accurately measure, that is my best guess.) That is a pretty drastic reduction, but many guys have the same kind of damage from circumcision.

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Thanks to Tally for the guest spot!

I am very disappointed to read that a San Francisco judge has shut down plans to ban underage circumcision of boys.

The proposed law, which would have been on the ballots this November, would make it illegal for parents to circumcise their son if he was under the age of 18.

Consider these facts:

  • Female circumcision has already been banned in the United States. I guess males don’t deserve the same protection?
  • Circumcision is illegal in many countries, and in others, it is only performed in emergency situations. The United States is one of the only countries that performs circumcision as an elective surgery where no harm is being caused by the foreskin.
  • Circumcision kills more babies each year than suffocation or car accidents. (Source)
  • The overall circumcision rate on newborns in the U.S. is down to 33% and continues to drop each year. New parents are making the smart choice for their sons.

I found it particularly infuriating that Judge Loretta Giorgi said, “The evidence presented is overwhelmingly persuasive that circumcision is a widely practiced medical procedure.”

Overwhelmingly persuasive? Really? I don’t suppose that has anything to do with the fact that many hospitals charge $500 to snip babies and some even sell the foreskins to cosmetic companies for use in products. Hmmm… I don’t suppose there would be any bias from the doctors who make quick, easy money on circumcision, would there?

Also, just because it’s “widely practiced” doesn’t mean it’s right. I wonder if she’d feel the same if the topic was female circumcision, which again, is illegal in the U.S.

Read the full article about the judge’s decision here.

I’m excited to announce that a guest post I wrote for my friend DanNation has been published. In the article, I discuss the reasons why I support the ban on circumcision that is being proposed in San Francisco.

When people first heard about the ban, some were apprehensive about supporting it. The word “ban” is usually a bad word, especially in our community. But upon closer inspection, many people now agree that elective circumcision is damaging and unnecessary for newborn boys. The proposed law has gained significant support.

I encourage readers to check out my article. And remember, if you don’t like uncircumcised penises, that’s fine. You don’t have to sleep with men who are uncut. But please, let boys decide for themselves whether or not they want to be circumcised. It’s their penis, afterall.

Read the full article here.

Earlier this week, I talked about how I want to start a mission to decrease the number of circumcisions, starting with my local community.

The key to this mission is education and resources. I need to know all the facts and then gather a group of supporters to help in this.

My first step was writing my personal doctor and telling him my views on this issue. Since he has 3 sons of his own, I knew he would have a strong opinion, but I wasn’t sure which side he would take.

To my pleasant surprise, he is passionately against circumcision. He called it “torture” and went on to say it was “an unnecessary risk” that can lead to “infection, bleeding, scarring,” as well as a loss of sensitivity in the penis.

The problem, as he explained it, is that almost everybody here in the south believes circumcision is normal and the right thing to do. When he asks parents why they want to circumcise their baby, the response is simple, like “I didn’t know we had a choice” or “because that’s the way it’s always been done in our family.”

There’s a lot of work to be done in educating the public. But now that I already have a medical professional in my corner, I feel inspired to keep exploring this topic.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I started talking about circumcision and foreskin restoration.

The response has been very positive. Most people who read my blog agree that the foreskin is a great thing, and also understand that sexual pleasure is greatly reduced for circumcised men. But then again, most of the people who read my blog are open-minded and intelligent individuals. So of course they see the big picture. 😉

But the broader spectrum is very depressing. Regardless of what support I’ve received personally, the overwhelming majority of newborn boys are still circumcised in the U.S. There are ongoing myths and phobias about the foreskin. People don’t understand how important it is, they don’t understand how much sensitivity is lost when it is removed, and they don’t realize just how barbaric the act of circumcision really is.

We’re cutting off part of the penis, people!

It’s the most insane, twisted procedure I’ve ever heard of. You would only cut off a part of your body if it was horribly infected and your life depended on it. So how in the world did it ever become acceptable to start mutilating happy, healthy boys?

My brain hurts when I really start analyzing the craziness of it all.

So how do I make a difference?

I’ve been reading a lot about how to successfully enforce change. If I just tried to tackle the great big problem of circumcision today, I would be exhausted. Change cannot happen without smaller steps and smaller plans that lead to a larger, overall goal. I may never stop circumcision in the world, but with a progressive plan, I can possibly start making a difference.

One idea I came up with was talking to local OB/GYN clinics and learning about the information new parents receive. Is there a brochure specifically tailored for baby boys? If so, is there any information about circumcision? Also, what is the discussion process for baby boys? Do doctors talk with parents about the facts on circumcision, or do they just pressure them to do it?

This is stuff I honestly have no idea about. But if I learned about the process for parents, I could possibly start getting some allies on my side. Would a doctor be willing to encourage the parents to not circumcise their baby? Would they be willing to ask the parents to let their son wait until he’s older so he can decide for himself?

Pulling in some team power

There are a lot of experts online who can help with the facts about circumcision. Many of them have informational websites about foreskin restoration, and/or sell products that assist in the restoration process. I think that if I could start working with them and get them to share some of the staggering facts and feedback they probably have, I could utilize that power and find ways to get their help too.

It’s a start. I’ll report more later.

The Dick Post

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This is a post about dick. Are you ready?

It will soon be one year since I embarked on the journey of restoring my foreskin. I wrote about it a few times when I first started, but there was a long period of laziness on my behalf, so I can’t really say I’ve been consistent. The good thing is that you can do it at your own pace.

I’ll tell you this, though. I know this for certain… I have more skin than I had last year. Considerably more. I have more sensitivity where I didn’t before, and I find sexual activities to be more pleasurable. That was my goal when I started this, so that mission is definitely accomplished.

How it’s measured

A lot of men refer to this Real Coverage Index. It’s a 10 point scale, with RCI-0 being very tightly cut and RCI-9 having so much skin that it hangs over, even when erect.

My best estimate would be that I was a RCI-2 when I started. There was some loose skin that wrinkled when I was soft and not really much when I was hard.

Right now, I’m a RCI-4, which is said to be the most frustrating stage. There is enough skin to cover the head when it’s soft and enough skin to work with when I’m hard, but not enough skin for it to stay covered on its own. Very frustrating indeed!

With all that being said, I have no intention of ever being an RCI-9. I know I want to make it to RCI-5, where it stays covered on its own. Probably RCI-6. We’ll see.

By the way, this system of measurement can be a little controversial. There are different variations of it online and some people prefer others. It’s not an exact science, but instead, just a general guide to determine where you are in the restoration process.

How I did it

We can never truly restore our foreskin and that’s the sad part. But new skin cells can be produced and that creates new skin growth. Thanks to gravity, the skin puts extra weight on the penis until you have so much skin that it hangs over the head.

When we talk about foreskin restoration, what we’re really doing is creating new skin growth on the penis until it looks and acts like an actual foreskin. The name of the game is just getting that new skin cell production.

I started by taking some loose skin on each side of my penis and pulling it forward as far as I comfortably could. You should never, ever feel pain! I can’t stress that enough.

I did this for just a few minutes a day and actually had very fast progress at first. You may notice it too. It’s a lot of fun seeing your penis evolve and learning new techniques. You’ll find yourself experiencing pleasure in new ways and the progress is very rewarding.

How I knew it was worth it

I reached the RCI-4 level in 6 months using only the technique illustrated above. Sometimes I would do it for 30 minutes, like when I was watching a TV show. But then I got very lazy for a very long time and did nothing for many months.

That changed one night when someone gave me the most mind blowing orgasm using my foreskin. I have a rule to never discuss my sex life on here, so I won’t say which partner it was and I’ll try to be anonymous about this.

But basically he took the skin and pulled it over the head. Then he stuck his tongue under the skin and started licking the underside my dick. I was paralyzed by pleasure. I couldn’t even stand up afterwards and I felt euphoric. It was wildly intense!

At that point, I knew this foreskin restoration was completely worth it! Needless to say, this is my favorite sexual activity now.

The next step

Once I’d experienced how truly great a foreskin can be, I wanted to continue my restoration process. I’ve made the joke to friends that I want so much foreskin, you’ll be able to fit a village of people in it! 🙂

Being at the RCI-4 level, I felt I’d outgrown the old technique. I bought a TLC Tugger to help move things along.

Wow, wow, wow! I cannot say enough good things about this device. It has two functions:

1) You can use two pieces and connect them to a strap, which pulls the skin forward. This generates the new skin cell production, thus creating the new skin. You can wear it under your clothes at work and nobody can even tell. Since the feeling can get intense, you should start off very slowly. I started out at 30 minutes per day and now I can handle about 2-4 hours per day. This is commonly referred to as “tugging,” by the way.

2) When you’re not tugging, you can use the cone piece and it keeps the skin pulled over the head of your penis. I love this, it’s amazing! It isn’t sticky or painful, yet it keeps the skin pulled over. This is very important because you want your head covered. The dry, dead skin cells will flake off and the glans will become smooth, shiny, and more sensitive. It’s wonderful for sex.

The price of the TLC Tugger is $53, shipping included, and I highly recommend it. Yes, I know, we’re all on a budget. I know you’ll find plenty of homemade alternatives and ideas on the web. But when you see what it does, the price is a bargain.

Every circumcised man should do this!

The reason I did this was for better sex. I’ve always had problems as a result of my circumcision. Lack of feeling has been the biggest concern and it was getting worse with age.

When the head of your penis is covered by skin, it’s dramatically more sensitive and sexual activity is just better in general. It feels good to have skin moving up and down. Hey, it can’t be a mistake that every male is born with a foreskin! It’s there for a reason.

As far as myths… I was very skeptical because of urban legends. Will my penis stink? Will it be more difficult to keep clean? HONESTLY… NO! I’ve never had any problems at all. I just keep my dick clean, like any man should.

The quality of my sex life has improved 200%. You could not pay me to go back to being circumcised! That’s my story of foreskin restoration. I’ll post again when I’ve reached my goal.

Tug on, guys.

The Penis Injury

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Oh, my…

As many of you know, I’m in the process of foreskin restoration. The method I use is commonly referred to as “tugging,” pulling the skin of my penis forward to stimulate the production of new skin cells, which creates a sort of faux foreskin. It’s not a real foreskin, it’s just extra skin that will eventually roll over my penis.

With this process, there is always the warning to be very gentle. I say it all the time. Do it slowly, stop if there is any pain.

Well I made a mistake last night. I must have pulled too hard when I was tugging. I was stunned with a sharp pain, then I looked down and noticed I had burst a blood vessel. A purple spot formed underneath the skin.

There wasn’t any ongoing pain, and it hasn’t bruised or gotten worse. Apparently burst vessels are fairly common since everything is so delicate down there. There isn’t much a doctor can do unless it gets infected, which I don’t think it will. But I’m just so mad at myself for making the mistake in the first place.

Many of you have expressed an interest in restoring your foreskin, so please take this warning seriously. Be very, very careful! I was lucky that this was just a very mild injury.

A friend e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that he’d walked in to find his husband in the tub, pulling on the skin of his dick. His husband explained, “Just like Nathan told me to.”

Yes, it’s true. I’ve started a new trend.

What he was doing was working on restoring his foreskin. I’d instructed him that just pulling the skin forward as far as it will go on a daily basis will help encourage new skin cells to multiply. This process helps create a faux foreskin for men who have been circumcised.

I started doing it last fall, and so far I have about 60% coverage on my penis. If I wanted to cheat, I could say I now have 100% coverage. I can pull the skin completely forward and cover my entire penis head. So for what it’s worth, I now experience the feeling of having a foreskin.

However, I don’t consider it 100% since I have to pull to achieve that effect. If I just let the skin hang naturally, it is 60%, covering more than half the head.

Be gentle when you do it, and listen to your body. If you feel pain, stop. Be sure to not damage any nerves or burst any veins. Slow and steady has given me great results.

Penis Envy

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It’s been a little over 2 months since I started restoring my foreskin, and the journey has turned out to be surprisingly intense both emotionally and physically.

When I first started the process, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been thinking about restoring my foreskin since 2000. I don’t know what was stopping me, other than fear of the unknown. What if I didn’t like it? What if it was unhygienic? There were many questions I had.

I finally decided to start the process at the end of September. I started a very simple daily routine of pulling the loose skin of my penis outward as far as it would go over the head. Within just a few weeks, I noticed the skin seemed to be a bit longer. It was working, and I was pretty happy about it!

Physical Results

By the end of October, I began to really notice a difference in the skin. I could feel it moving up and down during sexual activity, and the feeling was quite nice. Let’s be honest here — sexual pleasure was my only motivation for doing this. Uncircumcised penises have much more intense sensations during sex.

As November progressed, I had enough skin to completely cover the head by pulling it forward. Since my frenulum had been snipped when I was circumcised, there was nothing to hold it up, so it rolled back down after I let go. When I had an erection, I couldn’t completely cover the head, but I could pull it up far enough to cover most of it. That is a very exciting feeling.

The day before Thanksgiving, I had another happy surprise. I felt something odd in my pants, and thought my underwear had bunched up. But when I looked down, I realized that for the first time, the skin had rolled up over most of my penis on its own. It felt so comfortable, being protected by my own skin. That was a good day.

Emotional Results

I didn’t expect to have any emotional changes during this, but I have. Some psychologists believe that the act of circumcising a baby traumatizes him for life. Just think about it… as a newborn baby, one of our first experiences in this world is being held down on a table, fully awake and aware, and having the skin of our penis mutilated. What world do we live in that this kind of action is acceptable?

Restoring my foreskin has somehow made me feel complete in a way I didn’t even know was missing. I know women would probably roll their eyes at this, as they already think we men are obsessed with their penis. There’s probably some truth to that too, but the penis really is the symbol of a man’s sexual identity. When it has been cut up the way foreskins are, how could we not feel like lesser men?

I feel like I’m the way I was meant to be… the way I was born. It’s even made me feel confident in other aspects of my life, although I can’t explain why. Just knowing that it’s being restored makes me feel better.

The Future

I still have a journey ahead of me, as it will be awhile before I finally have enough skin to actually cover the head all the time. Without a frenulum, you have to grow enough skin for it to roll over the head on its own. The weight and length of the extra skin keeps it covered. But I’ve made great process in a short period of time and I am happy to keep going forward.

I’ve also bought a product that helps protect your penis in the way a real foreskin does. Since it doesn’t stay covered all the time on its own, this product simulates what a foreskin would do by keeping it covered and protecting it from friction. I’ve only been using it a few days, so I’m not ready to provide a review yet. But if I like it, I will tell more about it.


I never knew I’d have a sort of sexual re-awakening as an adult. This process has been as unique as the one we have as young boys when we first start puberty and realize the pleasures our penis can bring. Now as an adult, I’m able to feel the things the penis was meant to feel. Throughout this process, some of you have spoken up and said you were curious to try this for yourself. The best advice I can give is DO IT! You just have no idea what was taken away from you when that doctor mutilated you. Thankfully you can get some of it back.

Foreskin 2.0

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I am on a journey of regrowth.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m in the process of restoring my foreskin. I started about 6 weeks ago and have made great process with very little effort each day.

Some of you have asked exactly how this works, and I’ll do my best to explain. I’m basically taking the excess skin I have on my penis and pulling it forward (comfortably and without pain). I do it a few times each day. This expands the tissue. When you stretch out the tissue on the penis, it stimulates mitosis, which is the splitting of cells. When the cells split, you generate more cells. Over time, this means you’ll have more skin, until finally you have enough to cover the head of your penis.

It’s going to be awhile before my foreskin is fully restored. But I already have enough skin to pull it up over the head of my penis. I can’t tell you how excited I was the first day I realized I could do this! Once you experience the feeling, you will never be able to understand why anyone would want to be cut.

Some of you have commented and said you have thought about restoring your foreskin, but were afraid you didn’t have the patience.

Here’s my take on that – you’re going to be around every day, regardless. You might as well take a few minutes a few times per day and work on pulling the tissue forward. If it works, you’ll have a great new foreskin to enjoy. And if it doesn’t work… well… any activity with your penis is time well spent.

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