Black Leather

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In the past, my hair has been blond, brown, and red. Don’t expect to see any pictures of the red. Some disasters just aren’t meant to be published.

Recently, I’ve been interested in trying out black. Everyone I told detested it. I had no idea changing hair styles was so controversial. But then again, look at the girl from Felicity. Remember that show? She changed her hair and the show went off the air. Hair is very powerful, my friends.

I finally decided on L’Oreal’s Feria #20, which is called Black Leather. I really liked the shade because it’s a warm black. In fact, it really does have a leather color to it. I knew that a cold black with blue tones would make me look too pale. And I wasn’t even going to dare trying out a black with red tones. We’ve already established that any trace of red in my hair is a bad thing.

So Black Leather it was.

The only bad thing I can say is that the color looks nothing like the picture on the box. I think it’s because my hair was light brown to begin with. Going from a light shade to a dark shade is very hard.

Overall, I really like my new hair color. 🙂

Google knows where we live and they’re not messing around…

Our home finally made it to the Google Maps directory, after being ignored for 2 years. I guess we’re big time now.

It’s kind of freaky seeing it on there. But it’s also kind of cool being able to stroll through the neighborhood on my computer.

Further down the street, you’ll find the place Petey loves to poop. This is his favorite spot. I don’t know who owns this land, but they must not care because Petey has been laying down chocolate drops for 2 years now and nobody has complained. In fact, they should probably be paying us. He has kept their property very fertile.

Oh, and look at the gas station up the street. $2.81. Wow.

(Click here to see an older entry that shows we lived from 2002-2006.)

Hey, I Lived There

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The miracle that is Google Street View has made it way down south, and I’ve wasted at least an hour scrolling through the places I used to live. I feel so sentimental and nostalgic as I prowl through the streets of the neighborhoods, and visit all my favorite restaurants. Life always seems sweeter in retrospect.

^ Here’s the first apartment Rodney and I lived in when we moved to Raleigh, NC in January 2002. What a place. It was old and drafty. You have to turn the heat up to 80 to get any warmth at all in the winter. But it was home when I was in college, and I sure do have fond memories. It was also a beautiful neighborhood. I liked to go for walks after work and listen to the sounds of nature in the trees and see lightening bugs float past me. I can still recall the waving hands of friendly neighbors, the sounds of children playing, and the smell of flowers blooming.

^ This was our second apartment in Raleigh. We moved there in the middle of 2003. It was a nice place, friendly staff, newer amenities. But I don’t feel as attached to it. When I look at the balcony, I think of when my grandmother died and I sat out there crying. Not very happy memories. And there was no neighborhood. This apartment was literally right off the interstate, so there was nowhere to go walking.

^ I worked at a design firm here in Raleigh. It doesn’t look too exciting on the outside, but it was located in a very popular historical area of the city. My desk was right there at the window. Peek-a-boo!

^ This is the Nashville townhome we rented in 2005. Seeing this place stirs up a lot of emotions. There was a good share of drama that went down in this home. But there were also some very good memories. It’s just a mixed bag, but I’m glad we don’t live there anymore. The neighborhood was nice. If you went to the top of the hill, you could see the Nashville city skyline from 15 miles away. This was all possible due to the ridiculously steep hills in Tennessee.

Our most current home, which is the house we bought in 2006, hasn’t made the list yet. Maybe someday.


Contrary to what retailers would like you to believe, it is not Christmas time. It is November, which is part of Autumn. Because it is Autumn, our home is decorated with pumpkins. Just doing my part to inform the public. 😉

This is my newest entry in the looooong overdue series I created called “Exposed Yourself,” where you post a photo of something in your home. Feel free to play along and post something on your blog. I love taking a peek into other people’s homes.

As you can see, this is our fireplace, which Rodney keeps decorated for every season and holiday. Fireplaces are less common in newer homes since we don’t really need them. But it was one of the features we insisted on when we were house hunting. I think it’s a nice centerpiece for any room, even though we don’t really use it for its purpose.

2 years ago, I started a small trend with bloggers called “Expose Yourself”. I always think that seeing snapshots of a person’s surrounding provides a small glimpse into their life. So I asked people to take pictures of something from their daily routine and post it on their blog.

Well it’s been awhile since I did it myself, so I’m going to see if I can bring the trend back. It can be as small or as big as you want. Just take a photo of something you see often, post it on your blog, and explain it.

For this post, I took a picture of this hanging rabbit with a butterfly on his nose. Whenever I see this on our porch, I think of a fun, carefree life. Look how happy that bunny is. Who can resist? I pass him every time I walk Petey, and I always stop to tap the butterfly.

(Sorry he’s a bit out of a focus. He was busy swinging in the wind.)

The good news is that most of the time, I feel as happy as this rabbit. Soooo happppy. 😀

analyze this.

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A few days ago, I posted an article I found interesting about analyzing a person’s facial features to determine their personality. I decided to post a photo of myself to try and label each of my characteristics. According to this, I am “strong”, “determined”, “compassionate”, “indomitable”, “happy”, though sometimes “dependant” and “introverted”. Sounds like me.

Face Shape – Broad: Not only are these people tolerant and compassionate, they’re usually broad-minded.

Forehead – Wrinkled: If there are horizontal lines across the forehead, this indicates that the person is easily excited and enthused.

Eyes – Lines: Should you notice small lines on the outside of the eyes, you are in the presence of someone who smiles a lot and is, generally speaking, happy.

Eyebrows – Curved: If the eyebrows of the person are arched, they enjoy anecdotes.

Eyelids – Large: A large eyelid is a sign that the person is victim of dependency.

Nose – Large: A large nose is a sign of initiative and determination, a strong character who leaves his mark.

Ears – Pointed: Just like their spokesperson Mr. Spock, people with pointed ears are inflexible and have difficulty being laid-back.

Chin and jaw – Square jaw: People with square jaws are indomitable and have the ability to turn their dreams into reality.

Cheeks – Dimples: In addition to being attractive, dimples symbolize a person’s congeniality.

Lips – Thin: If the lips aren’t particularly bulbous, it is a sign of an innate introverted personality.

If you like this, read the original article and post your results on your blog, along with a photo.

It’s been a full year since I started the “expose yourself” concept. It’s the idea that you learn a lot about someone by seeing the way they live in their home. It’s also just fun to peek inside someone else’s world. So I started the idea of “exposing yourself”, which meant posting a photo of some area in your house. A lot of my blogger friends have followed the trend, and they post “expose yourself” entries on a regular basis.

This is my latest entry. It’s the living room in our new house. You can see Prissy spying from the stairs.

living room 1

A few notes on Picture 1:

– The striped artwork on the wall is actually part of a 3 piece series I did.

– There is a chalkboard by the stairs that has “Welcome Home” written on it. Rodney wrote that in 2005 because it made me feel happy to see his writing when I walk in the door. It has stayed the same since the day we bought it.

– On top of the blue picture frame are initials NRPP: Nathan, Rodney, Purr Purr, Prissy. Now we have Petey also!

– The blue picture frame also has a mirror and a hanging sign that says “You make me smile”. Rodney bought that for me, and also painted the frame blue.

living room 2

A note on Picture 2:

– The mantle has displayed this photo of Rodney and me in every home we’ve had for the past 5 years. There is a feng shui belief that displaying a photo of the married couple over the mantle activates the fire element, bringing an emphasis to love in the household. It also signifies the importance of family. There are several other photos of us in the shot, plus individual frames for Purr Purr, Prissy, and Petey.

Let me know if you decide to play along and “expose yourself” on your blog. I’d love to see photos of everyone’s home.

Nathan Warhol

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Just playing around with Photoshop on a Saturday night 😀

nathan warhol

There are so many things we see in our daily routine. These are some random scenes from my everyday life:

when i wake up

when i take petey out

when i am at work

A few months ago, I wanted to show my car as part of my “Expose Yourself” series. But I slacked.

Then last week, Terry beat me to the idea and showed his car (bitch!). But oh well, here’s my car anyway. A Toyota Corolla. And the silver car beside it is also ours, a Toyota Echo. Rodney and I alternate between the two.

Now show me yours. I love seeing people’s cars.

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