The 1926 Mediterranean style house that Ellen and Portia own is for sale in Montecito. The asking price – $24M. That’s big money to a Southern boy like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I viewed the photo tour and it’s really beautiful. I love looking at California real estate because it’s so drastically different than what you see down here. I also love the 1920’s era feel of it.

Here’s the website with photo tour.

Oh, Kathleen!

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If you’re a fan of Kathy Griffin, you’re probably familiar with the imitations she does of her Irish Catholic Mother, who says “Oh, Kathleen” whenever she’s being vulgar.

Well Kathy was in Nashville this weekend and Rodney and I had orchestra seats to see her. We saw her last year too.

The thing you have to know about Kathy is that she is extremely hard working with her performances. Most comedians tell the same jokes at each show, which is boring if you happen to see them twice.

Kathy, on the other hand, writes new material weekly based on what’s going on in the news. With that being said, there is probably a tremendous amount of pressure and if it isn’t an interesting news week, she has less to go on.

While she was very funny, a lot of her raw edge seemed to be missing this year. Maybe it was just an off-night, but her material did seem to be a bit toned down.

She was a guest on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show 2 weeks ago and Ellen told her she shouldn’t be so mean to people. She explained that Kathy is very smart and very gifted, and she should use her talents to write comedy that doesn’t make other people feel bad.

It’s hard to say whether or not Kathy took her advice, but I was extremely surprised that Kathy didn’t lash out about Ellen in her show. Kathy has always mentioned Ellen in previous performances. I also noticed that Kathy tip toed around “The View” topics, where she used to completely tear into the hosts.

So is this a new side of Kathy? At some point, she might find it more and more difficult to bash celebrities as she becomes more popular.

Time will tell. But for now, I’m glad Kathy continues to stop here in the South! It was a sold out event, and it’s clear that Nashville loves Kathy.

Netflix oddities

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This is the kind of random, useless information I come up with. While looking at my Netflix Queue tonight, I noticed 2 things that I’ve probably seen hundreds of times without realizing it.

#1 – The house icon for “At Home” is a Wingdings font. Wow. Now this is something that only a geek would find funny, but why is Netflix using Wingdings for their graphics? Surely they have some extra cash to hire at least one graphic designer, even if it’s outsourced.

#2 – What is happening with the “Add Queue” graphic and its 1950’s family? We have the traditional man and woman couple with their little child. I realize they are trying to be general, but c’mon… is that really the perfect icon to symbolize the ability to manage multiple queues? I’m just thinking out loud here, but how about a simple plus sign? Afterall, we are adding a queue. I thought the plus sign was the universal symbol for adding.

It’s nothing to lose sleep over, but just struck me as odd for such a successful company to be using such generic graphics. I even think the family icons can be found somewhere in Wingdings.

There you have it… Netflix was built using fonts from Windows 3.1.

Time Flies

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My friend Larry pointed out today that it’s been over a week since my last post, oops! I didn’t even realize it. A lot of my friends refer to my blog to find out what’s going on in my life, so I can see why it would seem odd when I don’t post.

Well I’m still here, and everything’s fine and dandy :). Last week was pretty busy, and we went out of town on Friday to see family… just got back tonight.

Here’s a few tidbits of things on my mind… nothing heavy, mostly music and movie related:

– What’s going on with everyone hating Dustin on Big Brother? I had no idea. Well, he’s gone, and Rodney and I can’t stomach anymore of people like Dick, so I don’t think we’ll be watching anymore.

– Today is when Darren Hayes’ 2 disc release comes out, titled This Delicate Thing We’ve Made. I can’t wait to get that! Darren is one singer who has been consistently good throughout his music career and I really love the samples I’ve heard so far.

– I bought orchestra seats for Kathy Griffin’s performance in Nashville next month. The seats are really in a great spot! We saw her in 2006 and she’s one person that I can faithfully say I would pay to see every time she comes here. She is considerably more relaxed when the camera isn’t on her, which results in a much funnier routine.

– Tonight I watched Laura, a really great Academy Award winner from 1944. If you like older mysteries, this is one to check out. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen it sooner.

Okay, this post was pretty hodge podge, but that’s what’s on my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night, I posted the FedEx logo, and a simple question… Does the logo have an arrow?


You all answered “Yes”. That’s great! Now I wonder how many of you knew it before I asked? Had you ever noticed it before? Tom freely admitted that he hadn’t.

Over 80% of FedEx drivers do not know there is an arrow in their logo. In fact, I didn’t even know it myself until it was pointed out to me. I see the FedEx logo all the time. I see the trucks on the road, I see packages, I see commercials. How could I see a logo thousands of times in my life, but never really see it?

So let’s put that on a broader scale. If I didn’t notice an arrow in a logo, which I see every day, what else am I not seeing in my life? What other things are right in front of me, and I have no idea? What if there was a whole world that I was missing out on, because I don’t see it clearly?

Is there an arrow in the FedEx logo? Yes or no answers only, please. ๐Ÿ™‚


EquusOkay, I’ll admit it – I don’t like the Harry Potter film series. I know it’s wildly popular, and I really did give it a chance. It just wasn’t for me.

But I have to say the recent controversy over Daniel Radcliffe has earned my attention. The 17-year-old star of the Harry Potter films is performing in the stage play of Equus. Specifically, he’s appearing nude in a simulated sex scene while riding a horse. Eeegads!

Since he’s 17, it’s a bit weird to talk about it. But hey, I’m not directing the play, I’m just reporting. And parents are pissed off because he’s “failed as a role model.” Oh, whatever. He’s an actor. You can’t expect him to be a child forever.

Anyway, Harry Potter might have a new fan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m so glad you asked, thank you. Well, nothing of huge significance… just minor thoughts.

– Microsoft released photos of its new Zune player, which is their version of the iPod. The player will be available in black, white, and brown. Um, yeah… brilliant. I wonder if you’ll be able to spread viruses and spyware to portable music players now? Can the Zune player lock up and crash too? Good luck with that, Microsoft. You’re famous for your quality products.

– Tonight is the season premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands. I have been following Survivor since season one. I watched the entire first and second seasons. After that, I created a new rule where I only watch the finales. I got all the information I needed from them. But the recent controversy over the racial divisions has peeked my curiosity. I really don’t find it offensive. Everyone who was involved with this season insists that there was no discrimination involved, and urge people to not judge it before they have seen it. I agree. Nobody thought it was discriminating when the groups were divided by gender, and nobody was offended when it was divided by age groups either.

– Have you seen Ellen’s webcam of her studio set? It’s not something you’d want to 24/7, but it is fun just to stop by and see the crew preparing for the show. Ellen films Monday-Thursday, with two shows on Thursday.

– Whitney Houston is divorcing Bobby! HALLELUJAH! I’ve missed that crackhead, I really have. But Bobby had his good points. Afterall, how many men would pull poop out of your ass to help with your constipation? But really… the media has always blamed Bobby for the demise of Whitney’s music career, and I’m sorry but I agree.

Fenno the Kitten

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I think I could watch this video all day on a continuous loop. I love it that the kitten can’t really meow, so it just kind of squeaks instead.

Does anybody use the Blockbuster online DVD service? Can you offer your feedback on it?

I’ve been with Netflix for a year and a half, and have great service. They have a great selection, I’ve never had a DVD lost in the mail or broken, never had a billing problem, or anything like that. But here’s my beef:

When I signed up for their service, we lived in Raleigh, NC. They had a distribution center located an hour away, so we received next day service. It was great! When we moved to Nashville, it started taking about 2 days and the nearest center was in Memphis.

Now that we’ve moved to Murfreesboro, which is 45 mins. from Nashville, things have gotten progressively worse. DVD’s now come from Bowling Green, KY. Last week, the entire process took almost a week! I sent the DVD back on Monday, and didn’t get my next order until the following Saturday. That’s ridiculous!

I don’t know if it’s Netflix, the USPS, or a combination of both, but I don’t want to go on waiting this long for DVD’s. So I’m thinking of trying Blockbuster. They have a smaller selection, and their site sucks. When I browsed the Horror section, they had Monsters, Inc. WTF?

But on the plus side, they are cheaper and you get free in-store rentals. I’ve read mixed reviews about their service. Does anybody have an opinion on Netflix vs. Blockbuster?

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