Pulse Black RibbonSometimes I really hate the mainstream news media.

I blame them for catapulting Donald Trump to the top of the Republican primary, when he should have been written off from day one. The media gave him free exposure 24/7 for a year, so it’s no surprise that he became the presumptive nominee. That’s how marketing and psychology works. When you’re exposed to a candidate day after day, he’ll become familiar and likeable to you, no matter how much you disagree with him.

And now it seems the news media is manipulating the narrative of what happened in Orlando, less than 48 hours after the shootings occurred.

This was an attack on the LGBT community.

There is no way around it. 49 lives were claimed, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. And it happened because the patrons were at a gay club.

This needs to be the focus on every news program and in every article. Those victims were targeted for their sexuality. It is homophobic. It is discriminatory. And it is simply hateful.

But the dialogue has quickly shifted, and now the media is focused on ISIS, on terrorism, on Islam, on gun control, and what it all means for the safety of Americans. These are all valid talking points, but I’ve noticed that journalists and news casters are shying away from the words “gay” and “LGBT.” They don’t seem to want to say those things. Perhaps it’s far more comfortable and familiar to talk about terrorism than it is to acknowledge the gay community.

Well it’s time to get uncomfortable people! Because it’s real and it happened to gay people on U.S. soil. Gays were the victims. Gays were the target. Gays died because even in 2016, we still live in a culture of hatred and homophobia.

Religious groups have contributed to this hatred. Politicians have contributed to this hatred. And yes, even the news media has contributed to this hatred of the LGBT citizens.

So don’t you dare try to take this away from us. The men and women who died that night deserve to be acknowledged. And can we please stop showing those goddamn bathroom selfies of the shooter?! Let’s focus on the poor victims whose lives were cut short, all because of who they love.

It was all because they were gay.

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