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I have a lot to say about this topic and this is just the beginning.

When I was born, my parents had me circumcised, and I resent their decision. It’s my body, and I should have been given the choice myself.

In 2000, I first heard about the concept of foreskin restoration. There are dozens of ways to accomplish it, but the end result is the same — you can regrow your own foreskin without surgery.

The penis has extra loose skin on it. This allows it to stretch and expand when you have erections. This extra loose skin can be pulled forward easily and without pain. I think of it as a stretching exercise.

When you stretch the skin out, you expand the skin cells. New cells have to recoup and fill up the stretched space. By doing this continuously over time, more skin is grown until you finally have enough to cover your penis. (I hope I explained that correctly. This is my understanding of it anyway.)

I have considered restoring my foreskin many times over the past 8 years. The main reason I wimped out was because I was afraid of all the myths I’d heard, like that foreskin is smelly and hard to keep clean. The logical part of me knows that’s not true. If you don’t clean your armpits, they stink. If you don’t clean your foreskin, it stinks too. But you wouldn’t cut out your armpits just because you had to keep them clean, now would you?

I finally decided to get serious about this process at the beginning of October. I started gently pulling the skin outward as far as I could without hurting myself. I did it a few times a day. 2 weeks later (last Friday) was the first time I really started noticing results because there was extra skin on my penis. It wasn’t anything dramatic, but I know my penis pretty well. There was definitely more skin and the outer layer was stretchier.

People say that the stretching method (often referred to as “tugging”) can take years. But that’s okay, I’m still going to be around, so I might as well grow a foreskin while I’m at it.

I must admit the results are very exciting! I noticed today that the skin is even more stretchy, and I can pull it out further without any pain. The proof is real, I’m growing a foreskin!

There are also products you can buy that apply continuous weight on the skin throughout the day. All of them work, and most of them have forums filled with success stories and photos of satisfied customers.

When I have enough skin, I may consider buying one of them to help me along. Right now, I actually really enjoy stretching the skin myself. It’s clearly working since I have noticed results in just a few weeks.

I will continue to report my progress on this. I realize photos of the progress would be helpful, but I don’t feel comfortable posting nude pics.

If you’re interesting in restoring your foreskin too, I recommend doing your research first. It’s important to do the process correctly and be gentle about it. If you pull too hard, you can damage the nerves.

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