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judyI hate to conform to stereotypes, but I LOVE Judy Garland. I have loved her since I was a little boy. Gosh, if my parents could only see it coming. 🙂

Judy’s 84th birthday would have been this Saturday, June 10th. Every year, there is some cable network that pays tribute with a Judy marathon. This year, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is the one.

The fun begins at 6:30 AM (Eastern) on Friday, June 9th. TCM will be showing:

6:30 AM – For Me And My Gal

8:30 AM – Meet Me In St. Louis (one of my favorites)

10:30 AM – The Clock

12:00 PM – The Harvey Girls

2:00 PM- – Summer Stock

4:00 PM – In The Good Old Summertime

6:00 PM – The Pirate

I think the world would be a happier place if it were like a Judy Garland movie. And, I also want to mention The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm. If you’re a fan, then you know that Frances Gumm was Judy’s real name. The extremely talented Billyboy impersonates Judy as if she were living in modern day. Judy comments on current music, news, performs live songs, and has celebrity interviews. It’s a great podcast!

Which Horror Film Are You?

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Dawn Of The Dead
You take pride in being different. You don’t follow any trend, you don’t follow any path of life – although this isn’t the way it has always been. You used to conform for the masses – you were just like everyone else. Whatever your reasons were, you changed, and are now having fun being an individual and standing out above the rest.

Take the quiz:
Which Horror Movie Are You?

photo fun with the gays.

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I feel a little shitty doing this…but if people are going to list their full name, income, place of employment, and complete educational background on MySpace, then I suppose they won’t mind me posting their photos on my blog.

These are people I went to school with who are either gay, in the closet, or gay bashers.

This is my girlfriend from grade school… now an out-and-proud lesbian. You would never guess it, would you?

This guy always denied being gay. Well, at least he’s out now.

This is an asshole gay basher who used to make me miserable. One day, I decided to punch him in the face. But I missed, and punched him in the ear…which was actually very effective. The ear is very tender.

This is a guy I always wanted to be gay, but wasn’t… and isn’t.

I don’t remember this guy, but he’s gay. He actually looks like someone who would be nice to talk to. Yes, he’s holding a tampon.

Unfortunately, this thespian has never found his way out of the closet. But he will, eventually. You can’t hold it in forever!

This is my cousin, who is gay-friendly, but doesn’t know I read her MySpace blog. Isn’t she sultry?

Okay, so today is 6-6-06. I saw a segment on the news last night about pregnant mothers who didn’t want to have their babies today. So you know there’s some lady going into labor, trying her best to keep her legs closed.

In other news, tonight is the premiere of Kathy Griffin’s 2nd season on Bravo. I love that hag! And I also love The Simple Life, which started its new season last Sunday. You can say what you want about Paris Hilton, but that show is hilarious. I dare you to watch it without laughing…I dare you!

My favorite quote: “When I have children, I’m going to name them London and China”

News of the Day

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Well, it’s Monday. We have a whole week ahead of us and it’s off to a boring start…

* Gay marriage is once again the hot button political issue. It’s nice that Bush takes the time to make sure every minority is discrimated against equally.

* Apparently Britney Spears is taking the first steps to divorcing Kevin Federline. This will be the biggest news is entertainment this week, so you might as well be prepared to hear it 50,000 times in the coming days.

* The residents of Hell, Michigan, are planning a huge celebration for tomorrow, which is 6-6-06.

That’s about it. Yep, boring, I know.

The Emancipation of Meme

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My twin “brotha from another motha” Mr. Secret did this meme, and I decided to do it too. Feel free to join in!

Best Summer:
The Summer of 2001. It was my first summer with Rodney, and we had such a good time.

Best Car Ever Owned:
Toyota Corolla

Best Cruising Song:
I have a lot of favorites, but Madonna’s “Hung Up” does seem to be fun in the car.

Favorite Meal:
Alfredo Pizza

Favorite Season:

Most Proud Accomplishment:
Graduating with a 4.0 GPA in college

Best Christmas Gift:
Rodney and I gave ourselves our dog Petey for Christmas 2005.

Best Embarrassing Moment:
Now why would I share that with you?

Best Slow Dance Song:
I’ve alwas liked Boyz II Men “I’ll Make Love To You”. Unfortunately, none of my partners have ever liked that song, therefore I cannot get them to dance with me to that.

Best Night:
February 16, 2006

Best Summer Drink:
Pina Colada

Best Summer Getaway:
Outer Banks, NC

Best Memory of Childhood:
Swimming with my best friend Katie

Best Song to Put on a Mix Tape for the Boy You’re Dating:
I can’t pick one, but I do like adding classic songs by Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin.

Best Songs to Listen to When Thoroughly Depressed:
I always liked Joey McIntyre’s “Stay the Same”

young again

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This morning I saw a young boy riding his bike through the neighborhood. In a strange way, I envied him. It’s summertime, and the kids are out of school. Sometimes I miss the days of summer.

Do you ever look back to the simple days of childhood? I always loved the summer. Swimming pools and cookie dough ice cream. Granted, I can still swim, and I can buy ice cream anytime I want. But you get my point. It’s different when you’re a child.

There are no responsibilities, no schedules or deadlines, no bills to pay. My parents always told me to appreciate it while I had it, but of course I took it for granted. That’s how humans are. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

It’s fun getting caught up in memories. What is your favorite memory of summer?

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