“Supernatural” is Supergay

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supernaturalHas anyone seen the WB series Supernatural? I love this cheese-fest! The bad acting, the lame plots, it’s awesome.

There was a lot of buzz about it this past fall, but it didn’t really catch my attention until one of the lead actors, Jared Padalecki, appeared on Ellen. I checked it out, and now I’m hooked.

The main concept:

The premise is good. Jared Padalecki plays Sam and Jensen Ackles plays Dean. They are brothers. Every week, a new urban legend randomly starts coming true. The brothers investigate the murder scenes, and solve the mysteries in 1 hour.

It’s like the Hard Boys, only gayer. The cheese factor is no surprise. This is the WB, afterall. But I love the awkward sexual tension between the brothers.

They drive around this vintage black car. It isn’t particularly impressive, but it does add a bit of sex appeal. So Dean is the super control freak “top”. He has to be driving at all times. I think there was a scene when Sam tried to drive, and Dean just couldn’t handle that. It’s like taking away his balls.

So Sam rides in the passenger seat. He’s the soft spoken bottom boy, always staring out the window in this deep, dreamy state of mind. No idea what the hell he’s thinking about, but I suspect he is wondering where this relationship is going, and if Dean will ever say “I love you”.

The hidden storyline:

Wait a minute…don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about incest here. See, that’s the backstory. They aren’t really brothers. They are secret lovers, hiding their dirty affair. So they pretend to be brothers so nobody questions why they are together 24/7, why they share a bed, and why they sponge off each other’s back in the shower (okay, I’m being mild here).

AHA! So now we’re getting somewhere. So the secret lovers go on these journeys and solve the crimes. They don’t get paid, I have no idea how they make a living, but we’ll ignore that tidbit.

Throughout the episodes, they give each other hot glances. It’s never part of the dialogue, they just look like they will rip each other’s clothes off at any given moment.


Let the inner gay out:

Dean always makes weird comments about “hot chicks”. You can just tell he’s a closet-case trying to fit in. And Sam just makes an irritated face. He never makes comments about girls. That’s because he’s secretly jealous that Dean would even joke about sleeping with a girl.

Personally, I think Sam needs to dump Dean and find a better man. Sure they have a powerful bond that allows them to fight evil spirits and protect the earth from being taken over by monsters. But where is the love?

Every week, Sam is the pawn. He comes very close to getting murdered by a ghost and that’s when Dean rescues him. But Sam doesn’t even get a hug. You’d think Dean would be relieved to see Sam still alive. Heartless bastard.

Isn’t it great? Now you have to watch this show. It’s a murder mystery/ghost story with creamy gayness mixed into every episode. It’s on Tuesday nights, 9/8 Central on the WB. And they play an encore on the following Sundays in case you miss it.

UPDATE: On last Tuesday’s episode, “Bugs”, they were mistaken for a gay couple and then pretended to be a gay couple in the next scene. See, I told you they are gay guys pretending to be brothers. You heard it here first.

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