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You can tell a lot about a person by the items in their house. Whenever somebody posts their picture on a blog, I catch myself focused more on the background instead of the foreground. Yeah, I see you, I know what you look like… but what’s that on your table? What kind of computer do you use? What’s in your refrigerator?

I thought it would be an interesting experiment if bloggers took snapshots of items in their house, and explained its origin or purpose. Maybe I’ll start a trend. Here’s my first contribution with details below:

expose yourself

Overview: This is a shelf in our guest bedroom/home office. The walls are painted lilac from the previous owners. We plan to paint them a new color very soon. Lilac is fine, but not for this room.

Clock: Rodney got me this kind of retro fun clock, part of the room’s blue and green colors.

Flower Arrangement: Rodney did this almost 2 years ago, and I’ve kept it ever since. I think he does a great job with flowers.

The “Thank You” Angel: Rodney gave me this after I took care of him in 2004. He had all of his wisdom teeth pulled (never a fun thing) and after he recovered, he gave me this. It means a lot to me.

Ceramic “shot glasses”: My great friend Winso made these for me while he was taking a class. I think it was 1998, but it may have been 1999. There is a little note inside the one in the back. They are special to me because he made them himself. One of them has a hand engraved with the middle finger sticking up! That’s Winso’s unique sense of humor.

The great thing about writing this post is that it made me realize everything I put on this shelf was given to me by someone who loves me. That’s a nice thing to be reminded of. Thanks Rodney and Winso. I love you both.

Okay, bloggers… your turn. I wanna see something from your home.

Purple Twinkie

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purple twinkie
Last night, I started reading a very funny blog that I want to mention, called Purple Twinkie.

It’s funny and lighthearted; a welcome break from the outside world. On a daily basis, Scott posts funny photos, quotes, and topics. I think Scott has a natural sense of humor. Some people are really funny, but you can tell they are trying a little bit. I think Scott’s humor just kind of rolls out, and it’s refreshingly funny.

So that’s why I wanted to call attention to this great blog. I even made an icon for him, because I like to post a photo every time I write ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep up the great work, Scott. Visit Purple Twinkie now.

Lend a helping hand

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I know it’s easy to become immune to all the requests for donations in this world. It’s so common to be asked for money, and sometimes you don’t even know if an organization is trustworthy.

The effects of Katrina are very real, and it makes me sad to think of all the people without homes now…and even worse, those who have died. It’s going to take millions to rebuild the areas where Katrina struck. I can’t even imagine where to begin.

The Network for Good has compiled a very clear, easy to nagivate page for you to choose a charity to donate to. These are all well known, reputable places to send your money. I strongly urge you make a donation… even if it’s just a few dollars. Don’t fall for that excuse “What difference will a few dollars make?”. Believe me, it helps.

If you make a donation, be proud of yourself, because you’ve done something nice for someone else. And leave a comment on my blog so I can recognize your act of kindness. I want you to know I’m proud of you.

Click here for the list of safe, secure places to make a donation.



Quick Bytes

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A couple of quick news items I want to note:

– During all of the chaos of Katrina, a CNN weatherman got angry during his report on live TV and went off on Carol. “Let me talk, Carol!” Click here to watch the video clip in Quicktime. Link courtesy of CrooksAndLiars.com.

– The Ruby slippers from the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz” were stolen from a Grand Rapids museum. That sucks, I loved that movie. Read the article on Yahoo! News.

– And in “Big Brother” news, apparently the Dutch version might feature a live birth on the show. Very bad idea, but I’m sure the ratings will be huge. Read the complete story.

Speaking of “Big Brother”, tonight is a new episode of the U.S. show.

Turn on your headlights

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You never know when stating the obvious will have an impact. So maybe this entry will stick with someone…

Here in Nashville, we didn’t catch nearly as much aftermath of Katrina as expected. We did have some heavy rains and winds, and it was hard to see sometimes on my drive to work. But it’s like that anytime we have rain here. Water sprays up from cars and creates that mist that’s hard to see through.

Even with it being rainy and dark, idiots were still driving around without their damn lights on. That was so frustrating because sometimes I couldn’t see the car until I was right up on it. Then I had to slam on my brakes. And other people were driving way past 70mph, even though the roads were slick.

I know what it’s like to be in a hurry. Very stressful. But there is never an excuse to be wreckless. We have wrecks all the time here in Nashville. I’ve even seen national reports that show Nashville has some of the worst roads in the U.S., plus bad drivers, a lot of construction, and a lot of wrecks.

With all that considered, it’s not asking too much to just say “Hey, turn on your headlights. It isn’t very hard, you just flick a switch.” And try not to speed, because it is harder to brake when the roads are wet.

In addition, no matter what the weather is, ALWAYS use your turn signal. I do not have psychic powers, I do not know you’re going to haul your Big Soccer Mom SUV into my lane unless you use your signal and tell me. If you don’t use your signal, I’m going to use mine — my middle finger and my carhorn.

It isn’t worth it to risk people’s lives just because you’re a dumbass behind the wheel. If everyone followed these very basic steps, I don’t think I would see so many wrecks on my way to and from work.

On a side note, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Katrina. I’m very sorry for your loss.

Windows Woes

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I just checked out my blog on Windows using Internet Explorer, and the new “Exposed 2.0” design looked awful on it. If you’re using Windows and/or Internet Explorer, you probably weren’t able to read my blog over the weekend. But I have adjusted the code to be functional on IE now.

So I’m kind of embarrassed, because I hate to put out bad code. As much as I hate Internet Explorer, I do want my work to look good on every platform. So that part of it does suck.

On the other hand, I can’t pass up the opportunity to bitch at Microsoft a little. The coding on my blog looked fine on every other major browser. Alternate browsers are built around today’s code standards and are intelligent enough to decipher my CSS code and properly display my blog.

Your product (Internet Exlorer), on the other hand, constantly fucks up good code. It’s always in the headlines for new vulnerabilities. I really feel it’s completely worthless. And that’s exactly why your market share is dropping every month. More and more people are realizing better browsers are out there. And they are making the switch.

So, again, if you visited my site using IE this past weekend, I’m sorry that it didn’t display properly. But on the other hand, you really should consider switching to Firefox. It’s a great browser, free to download and better than any other browser that exists today. Better yet, buy a Mac.

Dreaming about blogging

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Last night, I had a dream about blogging. You know you’re a converted blogger when you’re thinking about what to post on your blog while you’re asleep.

I really think about blogging more now than ever. During the weekend, I was wondering how everyone was doing out in the world of blog. I wondered if Cory was having a good time with his daughter Brenley. I wondered what kind of political heat Jackson was busy stirring up. I wondered if Matt was going to get hit by a hurricane in Florida. And I wondered if Alex was going to get lucky on his weekend trip to the Hamptons.

Thanks to blog technology, all my questions were answered when each of these guys posted to their blogs. Now I know.

Exposed 2.0

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Well I’m feeling quite happy right now. I finally got this blog broken in with a custom design. I started out using Blogger.com templates and I quickly became bored with those. So I came up with the idea of taking a picture of myself with my pants down, hence the whole “naked truth about life” theme. So I got that worked out and I tried adding it to a Blogger template. That was a pain, it was hard working with someone elses’ CSS coding. The end result was gaping spaces and inconsistent graphics and colors.

So I spent a huge chunk of last night and today testing the CSS and coming up with a layout I liked. You’re looking at the end result… Nathan Exposed 2.0.

I started out with some heavy background colors today, but toned them down for easy reading. I think people with large monitors will dislike the extra space on the right, but my goal was a very stripped down, easy to read blog. So I’ve implemented some of the basics for online content — readible font sizes, left aligned margins, etc..

There are still a few places where CSS code is messed up. But I’ll get those worked out.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a graphic/web designer? If I haven’t, I’m saying it now ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, enjoy the new look. I’ll try to post before and after screencaps sometime.

Last night, we watched “The Ring Two“. It starts out with the obvious… that deadly video tape has made its way to a small town, and it’s wreaking havoc on the young teens who pass it around. The survivor Rachel and her son from the first film just happen to live in this small town.

Rachel, played by Naomi Watts, finds the tape and burns it. Now she’s went and pissed off that little girl from the well… what’s her name, Smegma? Just kidding, but it’s something with an “S”.

Taking a completely pointless turn, Smegma gets inside the body of Rachel’s son and possesses him. Now Rachel’s son is running around killing people, and Rachel has to find a way to get the demon out of her son.

So Rachel makes a random visit to the scene of the crime, where that video tape was filmed. Then she hunts down some nuns in a Catholic convent, which leads her to Smegma’s birth mother (played by Sissy Spacek), who is of course locked up in an institution.

Okay that’s all I can say. I’ve already summarized the first 90 mins of the film. If I say anymore, I’ll ruin the ridiculous ending where Rachel drowns her son/Smegma in the tub, then goes to the well and closes the lid so Smegma can never get out again.

Oops, damn… I said it all. That’s the movie. Rachel went to the well to close the lid, which she should have done in the first movie. The End…. or is it?

But wait kids, there’s more! Just like the first one, this movie was long and boring. But the DVD has a special feature called “Rings”. This short film gives all the juicy background details that happened BEFORE the film started. It fills in all the gaps, and naturally it’s better than the film itself.

The same damn thing happened with the first movie. “The Ring” sucked, but it did have a few really scary parts. However, the bonus feature filled in all the gaps as well, and answered all the remaining questions.

Why don’t they just release the short films instead? They are so much better, and I’m sure it would save a lot on budget.

You let the dead get in…

Random Cuteness

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Just some photos I found on Yahoo! News. Click any picture to enlarge.

lion_hugging monkey_hugs monkey_water monkey_baby

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