Adventures in Hollywood

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Winston, Daniel, Nathan
Winston, Daniel, Nathan; sunset at Griffith Observatory in front of the Hollywood sign

Daniel and I recently took a vacation to Hollywood to see my friend Winston.

Winston was the first friend I could be honest with when I was coming to terms with being gay. We met online in 1997 when I was 15.

Over the years Winston has become like a big brother to me. He offered support when I first came out, made me laugh when I had my heart broken by a boy for the first time, and he’s been a part of every milestone in my adult life.

Since he lives in Berlin, we don’t see each other often. Actually it had been 10 years since I saw him last, so when I found out he’d be staying in the L.A. area for awhile, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to go visit. Daniel had never met Winston, and had never been to Los Angeles. I was there once before, but it was a quick trip and I didn’t feel like I really had the chance to explore.

Downtown Los Angeles

We took a trip to Griffith Observatory for a gorgeous panoramic view of the Hollywood hills and downtown Los Angeles at sunset.

Daniel and Nathan

Mmm… wheat-free deliciousness

We visited some wonderful bakeries and enjoyed dinner from a gluten-free pizzeria. Yum! Los Angeles has an abundance of gluten-free food options, which made my stomach very happy.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Universal Studios.

Despicable Me minion

We even got to spend some time with the minions from Despicable Me.

Daniel, Nathan, Winston

Los Angeles was good to us. We had a lot of fun with Winston, explored some beautiful scenery and architecture, and ate some wonderful food. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

Today’s the day Jason Mraz’s new album, titled YES!, is released. I love Jason’s music and songs from this album were an inspiration to me when I was working on my blog recently.

His new short film combines three songs from the new album to tell the lifetime story of two lovers. It’s a really beautiful. Naturally I dedicate this post to the love of my life, my husband Daniel. :)

Check out the video below:

Source: YouTube

Big Brother 16 Interviews

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This summer’s season of the CBS reality TV show Big Brother has been one of the most entertaining so far. I’m relieved at the way the votes went tonight—I was kind of worried!

Big Brother 16 houseguests

Today I found some YouTube interviews with the house guests that were filmed before the show started. It’s interesting to see how they act outside of the house. I think I was most impressed by Derrick’s video. He seems like a well-rounded and down to earth guy both in the interview and in the house.

My favorite house guest still was/is Joey. Her YouTube video just reaffirms what a sweet and awesome woman she seems to be. I really wish she’d been able to make it further in the game.

Who are your favorites this season and who do you want to win? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

How do you get rid of Brown Recluse spiders?

It’s easy: Just blow up your house, all your personal belongings and the entire land around it.

brown recluse spider

It was a dark and stormy night… And I was enjoying a nice summertime poop when suddenly a spider dashed across the bathroom floor.

(Spiders dash, right? It didn’t really jog or skip across the floor. I wouldn’t say it was running because it didn’t have arms flailing in the air like most runners do. Yes, I’d say it dashed.)

I’m usually not too bothered by spiders. I wouldn’t say I love them, but then again I can’t say I’ve ever known one. I guess I shouldn’t pre-judge them though. I just don’t think I’m into them, you know? They’re very leggy.

But this spider was big and looked like trouble, so I took a photo of him (of course) and then smashed him with a big fluffy handful of toilet paper. What a way to go.

Well it turns out this was a Brown Recluse spider, and little did I know this was just the beginning of a summer long nightmare.

According to exterminators, once you have Brown Recluse spiders, you never get rid of them. They’re like house guests that can’t take a hint.

We’ve sprayed—and sprayed—and fogged, and sealed cracks, and repaired base boards, and vacuumed, and de-cluttered, and sprinkled dried orange peels (which actually helped), and coated the floor with lemon cleaner (also helped).

The floors are covered in a fun house of glue traps, which frequently get stuck to the dog and cat. After 5 weeks, the best I can say is that we’ve drastically reduced them. We even found a few of their nests, which we promptly destroyed.

brown recluse spider nest
Several of these nests were hidden inside bricks in the garage.

I’m beginning to fear that the saying is true: You can never truly get rid of Brown Recluse spiders.

I’ve told Daniel we’re going to have to sell the house and leave everything behind. How else can we be certain they won’t follow us to our new home?

If anyone has some amazing tips we haven’t tried, please enlighten me. At this point, no suggestion seems too extreme. Thank you.

A Sparkling New Blog

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Nathan Exposed responsive design

I’m (nervously) excited to present the new look of Nathan Exposed.

This is the first version that has offered a responsive layout, which should automatically adapt to your screen size—mobile, tablet, or desktop. I ran into some compatibility issues right before launching it, which always happens at the 11th hour. (Yippee!) If you run into any problems, please leave a comment and let me know.

Hopefully the new look will inspire me to write more often. I have many stories to share about this summer!

Queer as Folk, 14 Years Later

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I still remember when Queer as Folk premiered on Showtime in the year 2000. I was sitting in my living room watching it on my 15″ GE tube TV, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Men were having sex and relationships—with other men! Women were raising babies together.


Before Queer as Folk, the most shocking thing I’d seen on TV was Ellen DeGeneres saying “I’m gay” into a microphone at an airport. Oooh, scandalous! But that’s really the way it was, and just saying those words out loud was enough to start a war. Nobody had ever made a U.S. TV show like this before.

A year ago, I started the P90X program and had satisfactory results. I can’t say that I looked like one of the dramatic “Before and After” models you see in the videos, but I did feel and look healthier, and that was most important to me.

As trainer Tony Horton points out, the cost of the program is usually cheaper than a gym membership, and you’ll be more likely to stick with the program when you can do it in your own home. Even if gyms are open 24/7, I still think there’s a mindset that it’s a hassle for some people, and that’s why they fall off the wagon 1-2 months into their one year membership, making it a total waste. I was able to stick to the program for the full 90 days, and even after then, I continued to use some of the moves in my regular exercises.

Now P90X3 is here, 10 years later after the original, and I really think this one is worth checking out. I did my first one yesterday, Agility X, and it completely kicked my ass within the first 10 minutes. I can tell this is going to be a great program and will really challenge me, a year after finishing P90X.

In Defense of Flaming Queers

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emmett from queer as folkA massive shift is taking place within gay culture and it’s putting part of our community back in the closet. The target is “flaming” gay men, and not only are they outcast by straight people (as they’ve always been) but now they’re being shunned by other gay men.

It’s easy to notice. When we were at dinner with a group of (gay) friends this weekend, I overheard this: “Ugh, I don’t like those girly gays, running around with feathers and boas.”

The comment annoyed me because I have plenty of girly gay friends and I think they’re fine the way they are. So I turned to the guy and said, “If they like feathers and boas, they should wear them. People should do what makes them happy.”

When you go to San Francisco, there’s one view everyone wants of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The best view of the Golden Gate Bridge overlooking San Francisco, CA

It’s the iconic view featured in movies, TV shows, and photos for the last 75+ years. But how do you get there?

This view can’t be found in San Francisco! It’s across the bay in Sausalito, California. Read on for a step-by-step guide to capturing a postcard-worthy view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We’re Married (Again)

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Well it’s official! Daniel and I are now legally married. Although we had a wedding ceremony in April 2011, we made a trip to San Francisco earlier this month to make it legal.

Here are a few photos from the court house:



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